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Monks in meditation for world Peace

Does this really make a difference? A great example of this is the Maharishi Effect, where in 1978 a group of 7000 individuals meditating...



My passion and services are to Motivate & Inspire; help assist people to a balanced Optimal Wellness via Mind, Body & Spirit.images
Health is far more than being free of illness, disease, injury or pain. It is Homeostasis and balance – a state of being fully connected in Mind – Body – Spirit. Optimal Wellness is achieved by balancing our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social aspects of our lives. A healthful diet and exercise almost always leads to a longer and healthier life. However we are more than a physical body, if you just treat the physical body your leaving out the other part of you human being- your consciousness. Getting in touch with your consciousness is essential to Optimal Health & Healing. Get connected and live your life consciously. It’s a much more powerful connection than any Wi-Fi, guaranteed! Our bodies are capable of healing themselves and are constantly striving for this, this is Homeostasis. Balancing all components is the holistic prescription to Optimal Wellness. There are many environmental challenges and exposures over which we have no control. However we do have full responsibility of our Mind, Body & Spirit. Everything we put into our bodies including thoughts, feelings, emotions, food and chemicals etc. affect us on a cellular and energetic level. Whether it is negatively or positively will predict an outcome. Health cannot exist without an alignment with the place that you are in. Let’s work together to live this this Journey Optimally.