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What is Strength Training?
Body by Shelly

Shelly Sullivan

Strength training is exercising with the goal of increasing your physical strength. There are two kinds of strength: Relative strength is building maximal strength while controlling calorie intake and/or adding cardio so you don't increase your body-weight. Absolute strength is about becoming the strongest person regardless of body-weight. The Benefits of Strength Training are amazing. 2-3 generations ago, physical jobs kept you in shape. Nowadays sedentary lifestyles are common: desk jobs, watching TV, driving car all day. Here's what strength training can do for you: Strength training builds muscle, the more muscle you have the higher you metabolic rate and the stronger you become, and the more fat you will burn at rest or maintain the beautiful vessel you already have. Increasing your muscles or maintaining them is very important as you mature in life as they protect and support your bones, ligaments and tendons. Thus injury is less.  Strength training tends to make you stick to your healthful diet as well. Strength training increases endurance, bone density & testosterone levels. Strength training strengthens your joints, lowers cholesterol & improves your sleep. Strength training builds your character and teaches you persistence, sacrifice, self-control, responsibility & builds self-confidence. You'll get out of strength training what you put into it. Forces your body & mind to get out of your comfort zone in order to learn and grow.  You will get stronger and are capable at any age to building muscle. Not to mention the mental growth this exercise attributes. Your body quickly adapts to stress so the need to increase the resistance (progressive loading) systematically to avoid plateaus. Strategically you will need to step it down for a bit as you cannot increase the resistance forever. Decreasing the weight for a while is important, until you are ready to work toward your next plateau. Put your Power to work. Work your ability to accelerate from a dead stop to fast. The quicker you can achieve top speeds, the stronger you'll be. Changing it up to a slow tempo is 3 seconds positive and 3 seconds negative will shape you even further. I will show you how to build strength in a fun effective way. You have different methods available to build strength: Weight Lifting, Body-weight Exercises, and Machines. I will take you through a personally designed regiment to get you started until you are comfortable on your own.  If the goal is making this a lifestyle, I will work with you to prepare you for success.